Productions & Service

You plan a Film-, Foto-, Commercial or Videoproduction?

We (Swiss-Based) do this Job for you Worldwide as:




Postproduction  (only with Camerawork)


You have a Script, and want to produce a Film, TV, Commercial, Music- or Imagevideo?

We create your Project from the beginning to the End.

Please Ask us for the perfect kind of work we can do for you.

Services (Short):

Pre-/ Castings - Contracting - all of the Service-Productions - Shoot - Postproduction - Musicwork - Synchronisation and OFF-Speaking - Worldwide


We do Worldwide Fullservice on your own Production as

- On Set Director
- Productionsassistent
- Locationscouting

- Invitations

- Shoot approvals

- Organisation of all your needs and wishes

- Tourmanagement (for Productions with changing Places)

- Fullservice Set-Organisation
    - Catering 
    - Trailers or Container (for Crew, Cast, Wardrobe, Store, etc.)
    - Security
    - Closing the Set for Publics
    - Tents
    - Light-/ Soundequipement    
    - Bookings for Crew und Cast

    - Transportation Solutions for Crew, Cast and Equipement
    - etc.

- Against leaking, we can offer you many solutions

Please tell us, what you need!

We do it for you!

100% Discretion guaranteed!
100% NDA´s accepted!

(ask for our Solutions)


Equipement we work:

- RED Helium 8K, 

- Sony a7s2, 

- Sony a7r3 

- Gimbal

- Drone

- etc.

- work with high quality products only! 


For small and Midrange Projects we can also do the Post-Production.

We work with:

- Premiere 

- Final Cut

- da Vinci 

- after effects

Director of Photography (DOP):

Our greatfull DOP Patrik Felber (one of) the Best Swissbased Camera-Professionals will make your Project to an unforgettable emotional and perfect Moment of View.

He´s a Professional for: Film - Commercial - Music - TV - Documentary - Interviews and many others.

For bigger Productions he does the Job as Director of all Camera-Professionals perfectly and Efficiency, too.

Videowork of Patrik Felber :

A very small Impression of his work.

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